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Legacy Articles

These are articles written in text files back in the 1990s.


Basic 3D Tutorial
Very basic introduction to 3D.

Graphics Introduction
Basic introduction to graphics.

Fire Algorithm
This tutorial explains a version of the famous fire algorithm.

Snow Algorithm
My own modification to the fire algorithm to implement snow.

Mode 13h Tutorial
Introduction to 320x200x8 graphics mode.

Introduction to VGA Card
Basic introduction to the VGA Card.

2D Primatives
Describes the basics of 2D graphics.

Fixed Point Math
This is a very basic introduction to fixed point math.

Super VGA Tutorial
Tutorial on VESA bank switching.

PCX File Format
Tutorial on the PCX File Format.

Assembly & Low Level

Assembly Tutorial Part 1
This tutorial explains number bases.

Assembly Tutorial Part 2
This tutorial attempts to explain the machine as an abstract interface which once removed allows you to think of the computer in a different way.

Assembly Tutorial Part 3
This tutorial starts to explain the logic that will be needed when programming in assembly.

Protected Mode Introduction Part 1
Basic introduction to Protected Mode.

Protected Mode Introduction Part 2
Expanding on the basic introduction given in the first tutorial.

WIN32 Programming for TASM Part 1
Program WIN32 applications in assembly language for TASM.

WIN32 Programming for TASM Part 2
Program WIN32 applications in assembly language for TASM.

WIN32 Programming for TASM Part 3
Program WIN32 applications in assembly language for TASM.

FPU Programming
This is an introduction to programming the x86 FPU.

Erasing CMOS
This tutorial explains how to erase the computer's CMOS.

How to reboot the computer programatically in DOS.

IEEE Floating Point
Describes the IEEE Floating Point formats.

Joystick Programming
Programming for the joystick at the hardware level.

Keyboard Programming
Programming for the keyboard at the hardware level.

Mouse Programming
Programming the mouse for DOS using Microsoft's mouse interrupt driver.


GUI Tutorial
Introduction to basic GUI programming concepts.

Object Oriented Programming
Very basic introduction to C++.

Network Tutorial
Very basic introduction to TCP/IP and Client/Server.

WIN32 Programming
Introduction to WIN32 programming.

Introduction to NTSD.


Unit Circle & Trig Functions
Overview of Triginometry and the Unit Circle.

Introduction to vectors.

Introduction to Matrices.

Introduction to Calculus, Limits.

Calculus beyond Limits, learn what a Derivative is.

Integrals (Anti-Derivatives)
Calculus; inverse of a Dirivative, the Integral.

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