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Chat Program

The software provided on this page is without warranty and provided "as is" for personal use. The user should use caution and run this software at their own risk. Resale or commerical use of these products is not permitted. The software on this page was written as practice and is provided here only as sample programs for those who may find them useful. While I will accept comments, bug reports and suggestions the software is considered legacy and is not under any on going development or support.

This is my first sockets program. It is a Win32 Console application. It has a server, which one person starts up, then everyone connects to him. You just type to chat, hit enter to send. Hit ~ to disconnect. Very Very simple program. There is no limit on the number of people who can connect. And the bandwidth should be really low, it just sends text. I haven't tried more than 5 or so people, so I don't know how the program works with a lot of people. It is a console application and the screen isn't very big, so large number of people would not be too great as the chat would scroll too fast. The source code is also available on this site.

Year 1998
Operating System Windows

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