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Doctor Dobbs Journal

DDJ: Sharing Memory with the Virtual Machine
Sharing memory between VMWare and the Host OS to implement multi-monitor.

DDJ: Introduction to Power Debugging
Using debugger commands in new ways to achieve various goals.

Windows Debugging Turtorials

Windows Debugging Tutorial Part 1
Introduction to CDB and NTSD.

Windows Debugging Tutorial Part 2
The Stack and how to use it.

Windows Debugging Tutorial Part 3
The Heap and how to use it.

Windows Debugging Tutorial Part 4
Writing WINDBG extensions.

Windows Debugging Tutorial Part 5
Handle Leaks.

Windows Debugging Tutorial Part 6
Navigating The Kernel Debugger.

Windows Debugging Tutorial Part 7
Locks and Synchronization Objects.


32 Bits on 64-Bit Processors
This was a fun article on a "what-if" scenario comparing DOS-Extenders between 16-Bit and 32-Bit to the possibility of a "Windows-Extender" from 32-Bit to 64-Bit.

Playing .WAV files
Play .WAV files using WIN32's MultiMedia API (waveOut*).

ICS 2009 - Performance Gains on Intel Multi-Core, Multi-Threaded Core i7
Scheduling optimizations for Intel Hyper-threading technology.

Windows Driver Tutorials

Windows Driver Development Part 1
Introduction to Drivers.

Windows Driver Development Part 2
Introduction to Implementing IOCTLs.

Windows Driver Development Part 3
Introduction to driver contexts.

Windows Driver Development Part 4
Introduction to device stacks.

Windows Driver Development Part 5
Introduction to the Transport Device Interface.

Windows Driver Development Part 6
Introduction to XP display driver architecture.

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